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What is Rivotril and when is it used?

Rivotril is a drug of the benzodiazepine class, with marked spasmolytic and anticonvulsant properties. It is therefore prescribed by the doctor for the treatment and prevention of epileptic seizures in adults and children.

Rivotril should only be used on prescription.

What must also be taken into account during treatment?

During treatment with Rivotril you cannot drink alcoholic beverages, as these can change the course of treatment and the outcome of the therapy.

In the first few days of treatment, you must not drive or use machines. Your doctor will then decide on this.

How to use Rivotril?

Rivotril should be taken according to the doctor’s prescription.

It is up to your doctor to determine the dose of Rivotril indicated for you and the duration of therapy.

Do not change the prescribed dosage on your own initiative. If you think that the action of the medicine is too weak or too strong, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

To avoid side effects at the start of therapy, the doctor will gradually increase the daily dose until the required maintenance dose is reached.

Generally the dosage for adults is as follows: starting dose: 1.5 mg / day (one light orange 0.5 mg tablet 3 times a day). Within the first three weeks of treatment, your doctor will increase the dose to 4-8 mg / day (in rare cases up to 20 mg / day). The total daily dose can be taken in a single dose in the evening. However, the doctor may consider it appropriate to divide the daily dose into several administrations during the day. In elderly patients, the physician should prescribe the lowest possible dose and dose escalation should be done with caution. To facilitate dosage adjustment, Rivotril 0.5 mg tablets can be halved. Rivotril 2 mg tablets can be halved or divided into four parts to facilitate dosage adjustment.

Rivotril treatment should never be stopped abruptly.

With regard to epileptic children and infants, the doctor will in any case decide whether Rivotril therapy is suitable. For children and infants, 0.5 mg light orange tablets or drops are indicated.

Take Rivotril tablets with a glass of water or a non-alcoholic drink.

Never drip Rivotril drops directly into the mouth. After each opening of the bottle, make sure that the dropper is firmly inserted into the neck of the bottle. The drops are administered with a spoon, mixed with water, tea or orange juice.

What side effects can Rivotril have?

The following side effects may occur when taking Rivotril:

Especially at the beginning of therapy, you may feel tired, sleepy or unsure when walking due to muscle weakness. These side effects usually disappear during the course of treatment.

Other side effects, such as breathing problems, bladder problems, visual disturbances, movement disturbances, confusion should be reported to the doctor immediately. Mood and affective fluctuations and disorientation have been observed during treatment with Rivotril.

Depressions may appear due to treatment with Rivotril, but they may also be related to the underlying disease.

In addition, behavioral changes such as restlessness, irritability, excitability, aggression, nervousness, hostility, anxiety states, sleep disturbances, delusional imaginations, anger, nightmares, abnormal dreams, hallucinations, psychic disorders with loss of reference to reality, hyperactivity can occur. , inappropriate behavior, and other behavioral side effects.

In such cases, it is advisable to consult your doctor about Rivotril therapy and possibly stop it. These so-called “paradoxical reactions” appear more frequently in children, adolescents and the elderly than in adults.

Changes in libido may rarely occur.

Treatment with benzodiazepines, of which Rivotril is also a part, can lead to physical and psychological dependence. Therefore, if Rivotril treatment is to be discontinued, the procedure should be agreed with the treating physician.

Salivary secretion may increase in infants and young children. In elderly patients it may increase the risk of falling.

In case of hypersensitivity reactions (e.g. skin reactions), consult your doctor immediately.

If you notice any side effects not described in this leaflet you should inform your doctor or pharmacist.


When is caution required in the administration of Rivotril?

If you suffer from kidney or liver disease or severe chronic respiratory disease, please speak to your doctor who will take special care when dosing Rivotril. If, in the past, you have suffered from depression or had thoughts about suicide, it is recommended that you take Rivotril only under strict medical supervision. Rivotril should not be prescribed by your doctor as a first treatment. If you suffer from severe liver dysfunction, it is not recommended to take Rivotril.

Tell your doctor or pharmacist just in case

  • suffer from other diseases,
  • suffer from allergies,
  • if you are / have been dependent on alcohol, drugs or medications or
  • take or apply other medications (even if purchased on your own!)!

Other antiepileptic drugs can interact with Rivotril, modifying its effect and more side effects may occur. In addition, some decrease in effectiveness may occur during treatment with Rivotril.

Sleeping pills, analgesics and antidepressants can modify the effect of Rivotril. This also applies to muscle relaxant drugs.

Do not take these medicines without your doctor’s consent.

During treatment with Rivotril you cannot drink alcoholic drinks, because alcohol interacts with Rivotril and can cause unexpected side effects.

This drug can reduce the ability to react, the ability to drive vehicles and the ability to use tools or machines! The ability to react is slowed during treatment with Rivotril. At least for the first few days of treatment, one should therefore refrain from driving vehicles or using dangerous machines. The doctor will then decide on this. If you are known to suffer from an intolerance to certain sugars, take Rivotril tablets only after consulting your doctor.

Danger of drug dependence

Rivotril – like all benzodiazepine-based drugs – can be addictive, especially when it is taken continuously and for a long period of time (in some cases it takes just a few weeks). As a result, abrupt discontinuation of treatment may lead to withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, diarrhea, headache, mood changes and diaphoresis (sweating). These symptoms usually disappear within 2-3 weeks.

To minimize the risk of addiction, stick to the following recommendations:

  • only take Rivotril on prescription.
  • under no circumstances increase the dose that your doctor has prescribed for you.
  • tell your doctor if you want to stop the treatment.
  • Your doctor will periodically decide whether the treatment should be continued.

Long-term administration (usually more than four weeks) should only take place under strict medical supervision.

Can Rivotril be given during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Rivotril is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation, unless explicitly prescribed by a doctor.

Contact your doctor immediately if you are planning a pregnancy or if you think you are pregnant. Do not stop treatment on your own initiative, as this could lead to an aggravation of the disease.


What else needs to be taken into account?

The drug must be kept out of the reach of children and must not be used beyond the date indicated with “EXP” on the package.

Store Rivotril tablets and drops at temperatures not exceeding 30 ° C. Store in the original package, to keep the contents protected from light. After opening the bottle, Rivotril drops are stable for a further 120 days at room temperature (15-25 ° C).

The doctor or pharmacist who is in possession of detailed professional information can give the additional information.

What does Rivotril contain?

1 ml of drops contains 2.5 mg of clonazepam (25 drops correspond to 1 ml). Auxiliary substances: dyes: bright blue, aromatic additives, saccharin (sweetener).

1 light orange tablet contains 0.5 mg of clonazepam as well as lactose and other auxiliary substances.

1 white tablet contains 2 mg of clonazepam as well as lactose and other auxiliary substances.


Facts You Should Know to Buy Rivotril Online Without Prescription

Q. Difference between Brand and Generic Rivotril?

A.Most common fact is the ingredients in both brand and generic Rivotril is the same. Both brand and generic Rivotril works exactly same in your body.

Q. Where I can buy Rivotril online?
A. definitely you can buy Rivotril online conveniently from and get it delivered to your door step
Q. Do I need a prescription to buy Rivotril online?
A. No prescription required to buy Rivotril.

Q. How do I pay for buying Rivotril?
A. You can pay by Bitcoin and other major Crypto Currencies, Bank Transfer, Western Union.

Q. Where do you ship Rivotril to?
A. Currently We are shipping to Worldwide customers.

Q. Is it legal to buy Rivotril online without prescription?

A. Yes. We do not know a case, that purchase Rivotril for personal use had any problems.The FDA allows consumers to import drugs into the United States under certain circumstances and subject to the discretion of FDA officials or customs agents. A consumer with a health condition can import up to 90days supply of medicines intended for personal use.

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