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Sildenafil also known as Viagra Professional belongs to the group of potent means to stimulate male sexual function. This drug is recommended for men experiencing problems in their sexual life. Due to the high dosage of the active component, the natural erection is stimulated. Male sexual endurance increases, as well. This effect gives the opportunity to carry out complete sexual intercourse.



The main active ingredient of Viagra Professional is sildenafil citrate. As additional and formative components, the following substances are used:

  • hypromellose;
  • croscarmellose sodium;
  • calcium hydrogen phosphate;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • lactose;
  • microcrystalline cellulose, etc.

How Fast does it Work?

Viagra Professional begins to act 15 minutes after the application. The mechanism of the pill action is to enhance blood circulation at the penile vessels. The process allows you to run the natural mechanisms of erection appearance and improvement in men. Viagra is produced to enhance the natural excitement, sexual stimulation. The presented properties make the drug popular and effective. Sildenafil is not a general agent that affects male libido exclusively. The tablet enhances the blood flow in the penile cavernous body, thereby developing a natural erection.

How Long does it Last?

According to the manufacturer, the optimal duration of Sildenafil Professional action is 4-5 hours. A number of internal factors affect the time of the drug’s operation, including the state of the male reproductive system. How long Viagra effect lasts cannot be given by any doctor. Each case is considered individually. Repeated studies have shown that the effect is directly dependent on the sensitivity of the body to the drug components. The effect duration is determined by the male mental conditions, his weight, the peculiarities of the gastrointestinal tract functioning. According to patients, the duration of the effect is about 4 hours or more. Some men had a longer effect that lasted for a long time.
Viagra Professional


  • Ease of use and speed of action;
  • Minimal side effects, prolonged effect;
  • A small number of contraindications.

Now Viagra Professional is available to everyone. It can be combined with alcohol. It is not recommended using this product to people who have problems with the heart and blood vessels, as well as kidney and liver failure. It helps with erectile dysfunction which is caused by either organic or psychological factors.

You can try this means to anyone who has problems with an erection because the purchase and delivery are carried out anonymously. Only doctors do not recommend to use the drug if you are under 18 years old. It is not difficult to experience the divine night of love without misfire and trouble, the main thing is to have the necessary preparations within reach that guarantee excellent sex at any time of the day.

Only one small pill can not only restore self-confidence but also improve erection for a long time. Sometimes tablets are used in prophylactic doses in order to gradually relieve the stress caused by various circumstances and improve sexual life. It will help the drug when changing partners because it allows you to control an erection that occurs when you have sexual desire. A man will be able to carry out several sexual acts for a 6-hour period, which will help him regain confidence in himself and his abilities.


The maximum single dose of Viagra Professional is 100 mg per day. However, it can be adjusted depending on the individual tolerance of the drug components. Do not think that the higher the dose, the higher the effectiveness of the drug. In some cases, 25 mg may be enough for sufficient sexual intercourse. Although an average single dose is 50 mg it can be changed depends on its effectiveness. If this dosage is not enough, it can be increased to 100 mg. The decision on the dosage can only be made by the urologist, who constantly monitors the patient.

Drug cannot be taken simultaneously with beta-blockers used in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia and hypertension, as well as with hypoglycemic drugs. It can be dangerous for the patient’s life. You must inform the doctor about taking such drugs before prescribing Viagra as well as the presence of chronic diseases.

Side effects

Like all ED drugs, it can cause the development of side effects, although their development does not occur not in all males. Typically, side effects when taking sildenafil are mild or moderately expressed and transient.

If you have developed any of the serious side effects listed below, stop taking this medication and seek medical help immediately:

  • allergic reaction (rarely develops): sudden hoarseness, difficulty breathing or dizziness, swelling of the eyelids, face, lips or throat.
  • сhest pain (develops infrequently): If this symptom appears during or after intercourse take a semi-sitting position and try to relax.
  • дong and sometimes painful erections (frequency unknown): If an erection lasts more than 4 hours, you should immediately consult a doctor.
    Sharp decrease or loss of vision (frequency unknown).
  • ыerious skin reactions (frequency unknown): severe peeling and swelling of the skin, blistering in the mouth, on the genitals and around the eyes, fever.
  • сramps or seizures (frequency unknown).

Other side effects are:

  • Very frequent > 1 out of 10): headache.
  • Frequent (<1 out of 10): facial flushing, indigestion, visual disturbances (including impaired color perception, sensitivity to light, blurred vision or reduced visual acuity), nasal congestion and dizziness.
  • Infrequent (<1 out of 100): vomiting, skin rash, hemorrhage of the eye, eye irritation, eye flushing/redness, eyes ache, double vision, unusual feeling in the eyes, tearing, heart palpitations, palpitations, muscle pain, drowsiness, decreased tactile perception, dizziness, ringing in the ears, nausea, dry mouth, penile bleeding, blood in the semen and/or urine, chest pain and feeling tired.
  • Rare (<1 in 1000): high blood pressure, low blood pressure, fainting, stroke, heart attack, arrhythmia, nose bleeding, and sudden hearing loss.

The frequency of side effects is unknown (the frequency cannot be determined from the available data):

Unstable angina (cardiac disease), sudden death, temporary deterioration of the blood supply to brain parts. Most (but not all) men who had these side effects had cardiac problems before taking sildenafil. In this regard, it is not possible to establish the existence of a direct connection between the development of these phenomena and the administration of sildenafil.

Providing information on the development of side effects

If any side effects occur, including those not listed in this instruction for use, you must inform your doctor, pharmacist or physician about it. By reporting side effects, you are helping to provide more information on the safety of this drug. PDE-5 inhibitors are effective for 60-80% of patients, usually safe and well tolerated.


Viagra Professional is a drug sold with a prescription. Every man should be diagnosed, examined and treated in a proper way. A doctor will prescribe for this or that medications. By means of this prescription, a man is able to make an order of Viagra Professional online from My Canadian Pharmacy. Send us a prescription via emails given on the “Contact Us” page and we will process your order.


  • Allergy to sildenafil or any of the ingredients that make up this drug.
  • Nitrates, as a combination of these drugs with sildenafil, can lead to a dangerous decrease in blood pressure. Tell your healthcare provider if you are currently taking any of these drugs.
  • Intake of drugs related to nitric oxide donors, such as amyl nitrite (the so-called “poppers”), as the combination of these drugs with sildenafil, can result in a dangerous drop in your blood pressure.
  • Serious cardiac or hepatic problems.
  • If you have recently had a stroke or cardiac attack, or you have low blood pressure.
  • If you suffer from rare hereditary eye diseases (such as retinitis pigmentosa).
  • anterior ischemic neuropathy of the optic nerve, not associated with arteritis (NAION).
  • treatment of erectile dysfunction for oral or topical use.
  • Do not take Viagra Professional if you do not suffer from erectile dysfunction.
  • Viagra is prohibited for application by woman and children.
  • ED drugs should not be taken by persons under 18 years of age.

Viagra Professional vs Viagra

The only difference between Viagra Professional vs Viagra is the dosage. The described medication contains 100mg of sildenafil in one tablet. At the same time, you may buy Viagra online and increase the dosage up to 100 mg. But remember: the dosage increase may be conducted only under a doctor’s supervision.

Common opinion

On the Internet, you can find a huge amount of reviews on both the original drug and generic analog. According to men, both of these drugs are equally effective in improving the quality of sex life. However, based on considerations of economy, most people prefer generic Viagra Professional.

It should be noted that because of the importance and delicacy of male erectile dysfunction, the manufacturer of the original Viagra puts very high prices on its products – just not all men still know about the opportunity to buy the same effective generic via the Internet.

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